Can Hair Be Damaged From A Haircut

April 24, 2023

Your clients come to you to help keep their hair looking and feeling its best. We know all the different things that can cause damage to our clients hair, like heat styling and colouring. However, what if their hair is being damaged from a haircut? Seems counterproductive, am I right? Don't stress, we can help you prevent any damage when cutting hair !

Trimming Trimming and more Trimming

Let's have a quick look at why your clients need to be getting their trimmed often, and how you can help keep their hair healthy.

It is a common misconception that if you don't get your haircut it wont grow. Many clients seem to think this is what us hairdressers mean when we say if you want long hair you have to trim it more! This is not the case. Your hair growth comes from the scalp AKA your hair follicle, or root. Stopping hair growth only happens if your clients follicle is damaged or something is wrong, like hair loss. When you cut hair you are cutting the ends of the hair. So what does it mean if you want your hair to grow you need to have it cut. It means that if you want to keep your hair healthy and prevent breakage ( which makes it look like your hair is not growing ) you have to cut it!

Split ends are a common occurrence with hair. They can happen from just everyday wear and tear ( hello messy bun!), bleaching or colouring hair and other chemical treatments... and of course, heat. If your client is wearing their hair in a bun or pony on a regular basis this is pulling on the hair which can cause it to break. Using Heat tools and colour weaken the hair cuticle, making it more susceptible to breakage and split ends.

To prevent damaged hair we will often remind our clients they need regular trims and lots of deep conditioner. Proper hair care is also essential in preventing hair breakage. If your client is experiencing hair damage from heat styling you may recommend a heat protectant to protect hair fibers when using a blow dryer or curling iron. Of course these are all helping to prevent damage but getting your hair trimmed is the only fix for already damaged hair. Removing dead ends will prevent your hair from breaking. Brittle hair with breakage is what makes hair appear not to grow. 

But could I be causing my client hair damage?

Unfortunately this can happen! As a hairstylist we always want to help protect your hair, but things can go wrong.

Knowing your scissors and how to care for them properly can help you to protect your clients hair when cutting. Using hair shears that are damaged or dull can cause further damage to dry, brittle strands. If you are using the wrong type of scissor blade to slide cut or your blades are dull you are causing irreparable damage to the hair shaft and cuticle. When slide cutting with the wrong edge you can snag the hair causing breakage. You could be adding to those dead ends and causing more damage, instead of helping .

Healthy hair and how to maintain it!

Here's some tips and tricks to help prevent damaged hair!

  • Always recommend your clients get a haircut every 4-6 weeks to remove split ends. Damaged ends to be cut regularly.
  • If they haven't had a cut in awhile, and have very damaged hair, they may need more than a trim.
  • Make sure you properly clean, oil, adjust and sharpen your scissors daily.
  • Do not cut with dull or damaged scissors.
  • Recommend your client keep their heat styling to a minimum or always use lowest heat setting.
  • Teach your clients proper hair care.
  • Recommend proper treatments and other products that can help prevent split ends and damaged hair.

As a hairstylist your clients look to you for guidance in all things hair! It is your job to not only give them a great new hair cut but to also teach them how to maintain healthy hair in and out of the salon! The key to healthy hair starts with you, the stylist ! 

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