Hairdressing Scissors to Suit Every Budget

May 06, 2019

Buying a new pair of professional hairdressing scissors can be a costly investment. However, no matter what your budget is, Scissor Tech has your back! We offer a wide range of shears that cater to every budget. When you buy a pair of cutters from us, you’ll be happy knowing that your purchase is of the highest quality, functionality and style without compromising price. Check out our top picks below that will suit every spender!

 Under $200

If you’re tight on cash or looking for an affordable pair of cutters that won’t compromise on quality and style, check out the Matsui Rainbow Scissor. This trendy shear is made with premium Aichei Japanese steel that is durable and lasts for years.

You can pick from 5.5-inch blades for precision cutting or a versatile 6-inch blade for just about every hairstyle. These shears are a lightweight and the smooth blades are great for slide cutting as it stays sharp for longer. The fun rainbow colour will also turn heads in the salon! We also sell this shear in a combo with matching thinner scissors.

Matsui Rainbow Scissor – Scissor Tech

Under $300

Looking for something a little sleeker and more functional? Why not consider the Matsui Precision Matte Black Cutting Scissors? Made with a cool matte black colour and rose gold trim, this cutter ticks every box. These striking shears are created with Hitachi 440C Japanese steel, which makes it extremely tough through general wear and tear.

This cutter also features offset handles to make it extremely comfortable to hold. Just like most shears that Matsui offers, these cutters come in a 5.5 or 6-inch blade sizes for your preference. We also sell matching texturizing scissors which you can pair in a combo. With a lifetime warranty offered on all shears purchases from us, you really can’t go wrong with these scissors!

Matsui Precision Matte Black Cutting Scissor – Scissor Tech


Under $400

If you can spare a little more cash to spend, then we highly suggest the Matsui Silver Samurai 7 Inch Scissors. These barbering shears are part of Matsui’s ergonomic and lightweight 2019 professional hairdressing scissors range. The long blades are perfect for cutting hair efficiently and feel sturdier to hold due to its length.

These cutters are only available in 7-inch blades as it is created with barbering in mind. If you do a lot of barbering work as well as ladies’ hairstyles, then this beauty is the perfect pair of shears for you! The scissors are also made with high-quality Aichei Japanese steel so you can rest assured knowing that your investment will last you a long time and will pay for itself.

Matsui Silver Samurai 7 Inch – Scissor tech

Under $500

Got money to spend and only want the best of the best when it comes to purchasing a new pair of cutters? The Matsui Rose Gold VG10 Offset Scissor is the one for you. This limited-edition shear boasts a higher-quality and super lightweight VG10 steel, which is great for slicing, blunt cutting and all-round usage as it stays sharp for longer.

The mountain blade on the cutter really helps push the hair onto the fine razor-sharp cutting edge, while also adding rigidity to the scissors. The offset handle brings the thumb into a natural position for cutting, which allows you to have a comfortable cutting experience.

Matsui Rose Gold VG10 Limited Edition Offset Scissor – Scissor Tech

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