Men's hairstyling techniques: How to avoid popular mistakes

March 22, 2022

A barber, a hairdresser, and bigfoot walk into a bar...

You know what... I'm gonna shave this joke for another time. Now that I've got your attention, did you know that men's hairstyling techniques are gaining popularity, especially among younger men? It's become a hair-raising experience, and men today realise that there's an art to making hair look great. The fun part is many of them are eager to learn more about it.

Lest we forget, men, just like women, face the same hair challenges of looking good every day. I mean, don't we all. It's important to remind you that hair plays a role in a man's attractiveness. And just like women, it is essential to use styling products and techniques to improve their look. 

There are many hairstyling mistakes men unknowingly make, and they wonder why they get the same results. I come bearing good news! There are ways to avoid them. Hair they are: 

Choosing the wrong style

Most men tend to choose styles they like instead of those that suit them best. Let's be real for a moment; a great-looking hairstyle might not necessarily flatter your features.  The best way to pick a good hairstyle is to consider the shape of your face, your hair type and then choose a style that compliments both. 

Men's hairstyles are not only an expression of style, but they can also contribute to your overall look. A good hairstyle can create a stylish and classy look, and never forget your style is as good as your last haircut.

Over-applying hair product

Using too much product is another common mistake men make when styling their hair. Just like we hear in "diet talk," I'm sure you've heard that too much of something can be poisonous. Well, in that case, too much product makes your hair look greasy and clumpy, and your hair will end up looking amateur and greasy. Let's be real; it can't be good for your pocket as well.

Using the wrong product

Ever notice how hair ads are enticing in a make-belief way, that your hair can look the same way as seen on TV? There's some truth in it. However, one of the most common mistakes that a man can make when styling his hair is using the wrong products.

To avoid this mistake, understand what products suit your hair type. An easy way to do this is by either getting a consultation with a top-quality barber or having a professional recommend the best products for your hair.

The right hair product can take your hair from looking flat to full, dull to shiny, and lifeless to radiant. Picking the wrong products for your hair can have the opposite effect—or even worse. The best investment you can make is getting the right products- I mean, invest in your hair. It's the crown you never take off! 

Over-styling it

So you've been dying to try this new hairstyle. You put all the required products laid out and ready to "do this". 30 minutes later, and you still don't have a perfect style. Over styling is a common problem that can lead to exasperation. Always apply the recommended hair product during the styling process. You can use 2-in-1 products, which save you time and product. Apply your favourite product before drying your head. However, don't forget to rinse it out afterwards unless it indicates it's a leave-in. 

Over-washing hair

When washing hair, men tend to scrub their hair too hard. Hair is very delicate, and it's not a pair of dirty socks. It is essential to be very gentle, offer some "TLC". Scrubbing strips hair of essential oils and reduces the growth of the follicles. Likewise, overwashing hair for men often strips it of natural oils and causes hair breakage. Additionally, washing the tresses too frequently damages the follicles that hold the strands of their hair. 

Lack of proper maintenance 

Many men claim not to have the time to style their hair. Instead, they just run their fingers through their hair. Firstly, let's leave the running of fingers in the movies, try that in real life, and strangers will be wondering 'what in the hair' is going on with you! Grooming hair is as important as brushing your teeth, so make time. If you don't know what to do with your hair, visit a phd - professional hairdresser!

Playing with your hair

There's an itch, or should I call it, a temptation to play with your hair during the day. Ok- I've heard that it helps with flirting, but fiddling with your hair can also be a sign of nervousness. Research shows that the average man with hair touches it over 700 times a day! It is a no-no. 

Avoid touching your hair once you've had it styled. If you are confident with your hair in the morning when getting ready, let it be. 

Ignorance about hair type

Did you know every person's hair falls in a certain category? I bet you didn't know that. Your hair is either straight, wavy, curly, or kinky. Knowing your hair type is the foundation. May I also add that it is the beginning of your hair success journey? Different hair products are made for different hair types. If you don't know your type- I've got you. Visit your barber and get to know your hair type. You will also get advice on the best products for your hair. 

Not knowing is not a crime, but don't thrive in ignorance. Hair can do two things for you, make you look years older or knock-off years, and people will never guess your age.

Missing hair cuts

Shear me out; pun intended. A great haircut is a must to get a great hairstyle. The biggest mistake you can make is going to a hairstylist who does not understand men's haircuts. 

When growing hair, most guys let it get too long before taking the scissors to it. Because of this, they end up with a bad haircut that requires lots of time and money to fix.

A great haircut makes hair easier to style. The longer you wait between cuts, the more likely you will run into trouble with split ends or other issues. Taking good care of your hair reflects your style and brings out your personality. Let your hair do the talking for you.

Now that you know about the most common mistakes men make when styling their hair, it should be much easier for you to avoid them. Follow these simple tips, and your hair will thank you as you look your best! 

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