Texturizing Scissors VS Cutting Scissors

April 10, 2024

In the world of hairdressing there seems to be a divide. There are the hairdressers and barbers who love texturizing scissors and thinning scissors and those who prefer their everyday hair scissors. Well here at Scissor Tech we have a great love for both types of scissors! And we want to show you the pros and cons of both, and of course how to achieve all your haircut goals with these amazing tools !

What Are Texturizing Scissors

Texturizing scissors can be both texturizing shears and hair thinning scissors. Both Thinning and texturizing scissors have a straight cutting blade and a blade with multiple teeth. Long story short, these teeth help to remove weight without removing length. But there is way more to it than that! 

  • Thinning scissors- Thinning scissors have anywhere between 25 - 40 teeth.The most popular size is around 30-35 teeth, which remove about 30-40% of the hair. The teeth cut the hair between them and the blade, while the hair between the teeth remains the same. The larger the percentage the more hair will be removed when cutting.
    Thinning scissors are great for removing weight, creating texture, blending hard lines and adding movement to your cuts. They are best used on dry hair when you can see weight lines the best. Thinning scissors are best used on fine to thick hair, however knowing how to use them on fine hair is very important.
  • Texturizing Scissors- These are the sister shears to the thinning scissor. A pair of texturizing shears have anywhere between 5-20 teeth. Like thinning scissors, texturizing shears remove a percentage of hair. However, because of the wider teeth and larger space between teeth, texture shears remove large chunks of hair.
    Texturizing shears are great for adding a lot of visible texture and heavy weight removal. They are a great tool to use on short hair if the desired look is more messy and shattered looking. They are best used on dry hair and for clients with thicker hair. 

Using Thinning and Texturizing Hair Scissors

Your thinning scissors and texturizing shears have many uses. Knowing when and how to use them is a game changer.

If you are wanting to use your thinning scissors to texturize hair there are a few ways to use them. You can use them as you would regular scissors for point cutting- this adds an extra bit of texture to the hair. You can use them from the tips to take larger pieces or chunks.

Using your hair thinning scissors to remove weight from the hair starts with one rule! Never cut too close to the scalp. Cutting hair above the mid shaft can leave shorter hairs that pop out when you are finished. To remove weight take a section of hair and from the mid shaft down slightly open and close your shears to remove excess weight.

Hair thinning scissors are also a great tool for blending. They are hugely popular amongst barbers for blending fades. Using your thinning scissors to just dust the ends of the hair will help keep the ends soft and blended. Thinning, or blending hair this way is also great for helping create volume. By lightening the end of the hair we are helping to create volume and texture throughout.

If you have finished a haircut and find that your layers need blending, or maybe you have cut a bob but that straight blunt line is just too heavy, pick up those hair thinning scissors and get to work. Using your thinning scissors on the ends of the hair will help blend and break up those hard lines.

Texturizing shears are a more aggressive scissor. So when using them we must be more careful and aware of what we are using them for. 

To add texture use them on the ends of hair. This is an especially great technique for shorter hair to give that piecey, messy look. To use texturizing scissors to remove weight you still must remember not to cut above the mid shaft. Unlike hair thinning scissors it is best not to open and close your texturizing shears too many times as you may remove too much hair!

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Hair Cutting Scissors

Your hair scissors are your best all rounders. You use these guys for everything ! The best part of hair scissors is they can create blunt, straight lines, or you can use them for a variety of texturizing techniques. Let's talk texturizing!

  • Point cutting- Point cutting is a cutting technique that involves cutting "points" into the hair. This can be done on dry hair to finish a cut wherever you see weight or heavy lines. Or it can be done while doing the entire cut. Cutting smaller points as you create your lines helps prevent heavy weight lines at the end of the cut.
    You can use your scissors to deep point cut almost straight into a section of hair to remove interior weight and soften lines, or you can cut on more of an angle to create large points, and a chunkier, more obvious texture. This cutting technique is so versatile it can be used on every hair type to create texture and remove unwanted weight.
  • Slide cutting- This texturizing technique not only removes weight and softens ends but can also help blend layers and create beautiful face framing layers.
    Slide cutting is done mostly on dry hair. By using your very sharp scissors to slide down the hair cuticle, while opening and closing them every so slightly. Slide cutting can be done on dry hair for soft results or wet hair to remove weight.
    Using the correct hair scissor for slide cutting is so important. You can invest in a quality Slider scissor to make sure your cuts are perfect and don't cause any damage to the cuticle, or just make sure you have a very sharp, convex edge scissor, made from Japanese steel- to prevent any pulling of the hair.
    Slide cutting is a great method for thinning all types of hair. It has gained popularity due to it being one of the best ways to cut extensions. Slide cutting will prevent any hard or choppy lines.
  • Slice cutting- This technique is similar to slide cutting but is done from the interior of the haircut to the exterior. Cutting this way is a great way to add more volume to your haircuts. Slicing from the interior helps to push hair towards the root creating lift and volume throughout the cut. 
  • Twist cutting- Twist cutting is done by twisting a section of hair and chipping in to. This is a great technique for curly hair types or adding extra layers. 

The Pros and Cons

As you can see there are many different ways to use our thinning shears and scissors. They each have earned their place next to you when you are cutting hair. So here's a few things to help you understand which scissor to use and when.

Thinning shears and texturizing shears Pros

  • quicker and easier to create texture
  • are great for thick hair
  • perfect for blending

Thinning shears and texture shears Cons

  • can cause frizz if not used correctly
  • best to avoid very thin hair
  • many stylists are not properly educated on how to use them correctly

Texturising with scissors Pros

  • many different techniques you can use to personalise a haircut
  • is easier to create a lot of detail
  • come in many different sizes and shapes to help make your job easier

Texturising with scissors Cons

  • takes longer
  • can be hard to get the same look on very thick hair as you would with your hair thinning scissor.

So which is better?

In all honesty we will have to leave this one up to you. We think that every hairstylist needs a great pair of scissors and an equally great pair of thinning scissors and texturising shears. After all, they both have so much to offer when cutting hair.

So in the world of scissors... we recommend having them all and learning all the best techniques you can! If you need help finding the perfect pair of scissors or hair thinning scissors you have come to the right place! Check out the rest of our websiteHERE to find your new favorite pair!

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