The Ultimate Guide to Swivel Scissors

May 03, 2019

Do you feel like your hands are restricted by the rigid handles of your professional hairdressing scissors? Are your hands constantly resting in an unnatural state that is hindering your cutting ability? If you’re tired of sore hands and shoulders and need relief from the pain caused by your cutters, swivel scissors could be the answer to your problems.
This innovative swivel feature has become increasingly popular throughout the past few years. This is because the hairdressing industry is looking to create hairdressing scissors that are comfortable to use and do not cause any health problems for hairdressers.
What Is A Swivel Scissor?
A swivel scissor features a rotating thumb hole that can turn with your thumb, to accommodate its natural hand movements. Gone are the days where you may find yourself twisting and moving your thumb constantly while cutting hair. This puts unnecessary pressure and tension on your thumb, which results in shoulder, neck and hand pain. If left untreated, this persisting pain can turn into a serious health issue such as CarpaTunnel Syndrome (CTS).

Matsui Rose Gold Swivel – Scissor Tech

Who Can Use Swivel Scissors?

Swivel scissors can be used by any hairdresser that is suffering from pain caused by their regular cutters. In fact, you can even use them to prevent pain in the first place. They are great for hairstylists who are looking for relief from repetitive motion injuries as a result of their thumb being stuck in an unnatural position.

One way to check if you require swivel scissors is to see if you have hand fatigue from handling scissors all day. If your cutters seem to be heavier than usual lately, it may mean that you have hand fatigue. Switching your cutter to a swivelling one may solve this issue. We also offer thinner scissors and texturizing scissors with the swivel feature.

Are There Any Down Sides of Using Swivel Scissors?

When using swivel scissors for the first few times, some hairdressers may need a bit of practice to get used to the rotating thumb. Just like any new tool, your hand needs to adjust and work with it until you get used to the feature. We recommended avoiding using swivel scissors when cutting precise hairstyles, such as a fringe or a blunt cut, during the practice period. Once you’ve had a few practice sessions with your new swivel scissors, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to control them!

Matsui Matte Black Swivel Scissor Thinner Combo – Scissor Tech

Where Can I Buy Swivel Scissors?

We offer a wide range of swivel scissors that are designed to give you the most comfortable experience when cutting hair. Our swivel cutters come in a variety of different colors that will suit every personality. We even offer left-handed models of our swivel scissors to cater to left-handed hairstylists. No matter what your style, need or budget is, you’re sure to find a pair of that will fulfill all your requirements at Scissor Tech.

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