Tools A Barber Must Have

March 11, 2024

Whether you're an experienced master barber or hairdresser, cutting men's hair requires different tools than when you cut only long hair. Professional barbers know the importance of making sure you are always prepared with all the quality barber equipment. 

If you're just starting out or hoping to expand upon your current tool kit, we are here to help you find the best barber shop tools!

Barber Shears/ Scissors

Every barber and hairdresser knows that shears or scissors are one of your most essential tools. Barber shears can be used to do a full haircut, like scissor over comb, or you can use them to just cut the top and add texture to a style. Shears or scissors can also be used to help tidy up a beard and get rid of hairs that your clippers may miss. 

Your everyday barber scissors or shears are usually a longer pair of scissors. They start at 7 inches in length. This length gives the blades more power for cutting larger sections of hair. Barber shops tend to be a very busy, fast paced environment, so using longer shears helps to speed up the process when scissor cutting hair. OurMatsui Offset Master Barber is the perfect addition to your barber tools. It is a 7 inch barbering shear made from strong Japanese steel that will give you a great cut every time.

While barbering shears are one of the most important barber tools, it is also important to consider other scissors as part of your barber kit. Smaller sized scissors such as 5.5 inch or 6 inch scissors can be used for different cutting techniques, such as point cutting. Point cutting and other texturising techniques like slide cutting are important to use when giving your clients certain styles. These techniques will help you add movement and detail to your client's hair. If you are looking for a pair of scissors to add to your must have tools we recommend theMatsui Precision Shears. They come in sizes 5.5 and 6 inch and are a great scissor for all cutting techniques.

Thinning Shears 

Most barbers will tell you that thinning shears are a very useful tool to have. Unlike regular shears, thinning shears have one regular straight blade and one blade with multiple teeth. These scissors help to blend hair and remove weight. Many haircuts require using clippers and scissors to help achieve your clients desired look. This can often lead to a need for more blending. Using your thinners to blend hair cuts can help to give that smooth faded finish so many of your clients are asking for. 

Using thinning scissors to cut hair is an art. It is important to know when and where to use them. For blending hair use them as you would scissor over comb, being sure to only dust off the hair. This will soften the ends of the hair without removing too much hair. They can also be used to remove weight anywhere in the haircut. Using thinning scissors to finish a cut, when hair is dry can help take your barber skills to the next level. TheMatsui Offset Thinner is an essential barber tool we recommend considering.

Hair Clippers

Every successful barber knows that your hair clippers are an essential tool. They are used for most barbering techniques, from fading, to bulk weight removal and every cut in between, a good pair of hair clippers is a must. 

Hair clippers come in corded and cordless clippers. There is always an ongoing debate over which is better. We think they both have their good qualities. A corded hair clipper may have some more power behind it because it is plugged directly into its power source. If you have alot of clients with very thick, difficult hair, corded clippers will help you out tremendously. The negative side of the corded clipper is just that, the cord. A cord can get in your way when cutting hair and leads to restrictions in movement and speed. A cordless clipper gives you more freedom to move around and can easily move with you anywhere. However the negatives of a cordless clipper is that you are reliant on them being fully charged at all times. 

Along with your clippers it is important to have a variety of clipper combs in your tool kit. A clipper comb attaches to the top, or blades of your clippers to help guide you in length. Most clients will sit in your barber chair and ask for a certain number, so knowing your clipper combs and their numbers is a must.

Some of the most well known brands for hair clippers include Babyliss Pro, Wahl and Andis. These brands offer a variety of both corded and cordless clippers. They are all known for helping to deliver quality haircuts.

Hair Trimmers

Like a good pair of clippers, hair trimmers are a barbers must have tools. Hair trimmers help to finish a haircut and get all those tiny details just right. A good pair of hair trimmers will be small enough to maneuver easily around the ears, and sharp enough to make sure your clients are getting very clean line ups. 

Professional trimmers have many uses. They can be used to clean the outline of a haircut, like around the ears, neckline and hairline. They are great for beard work as well. They can be used to trim beards and remove any stray hairs, and to help create the sharp lines of a beard. There are a variety of trimmers available. Some like the Babyliss Pro FX trimmer have t shaped blade designs. This blade is designed for sharp lines and shape ups. Another popular hair trimmer is the Wahl Beret Cordless trimmer. This blade has a softer finish to remove any small unwanted hair, with ease and precision. Similar to clippers, trimmers can be found with or without the cord.

Straight razors and Blades

What skill really makes a barber shop stand out? The shave! Barbers are known for their straight razor shaves. A straight razor shave will give your client the smoothest, closest shave of their life, if done correctly and with the right tools.

Inside the barber shop the original Straight Razor has been replaced with the shavette. The shavette allows the barber or hairdresser to use a fresh blade for every client. Using a new blade every time guarantees a very clean, smooth shave. Straight razors are not only used for shaves but can be used for hair and beard line ups, around the ears and to finish the neckline of a haircut. A professional barber will be using their razor to finish off every client's neckline and haircut.

Combs and Brushes

Our essential barber tools that do not get as much mention, but are important are our combs and brushes. Barbers and hairdressers need a variety of high quality professional combs to use throughout their work day. Not only do we need different combs for different cuts, but we also need multiple combs to ensure our combs and brushes are sanitised and cleaned properly before, during and after every cut.

Quality combs are important so that they can be used often without them breaking. High quality rubber or carbon are the most popular materials used. To get started a barber needs a few very important combs. First there is the traditional barber comb. These usually have a handle and longer teeth. They are designed for grabbing the hair for techniques such as clipper over comb. The longer teeth prevent you from accidentally taking off too much hair. They can be used for any clipper work from fades to flat top cutting. You will also need an all purpose comb, this comb usually has one side with wider teeth and one with finer teeth. This is great for sectioning and cutting hair. A smaller taper or fading comb may be helpful to perfect a tight fade and a finished look.

Multiple brushes are a must have in our barber kit as well. If you are a barber, or hairdresser that does alot of fading, a good fade brush is a must. This small brush helps to brush hair down, making fades smoother and easier. They are also great for removing tiny hair clippings that may be making it difficult to see your lines. Vent brushes are great barber tools to have. They will help you style hair and finish off every haircut. If you are a master barber who is known for their shaves you will need to make sure you have a lathering brush in your barber kit for applying shaving cream. Having a variety of brushes helps to ensure you use a clean brush every time.

Other important Barber tools

The list goes on and on. Here is a list of other essential barber shop tools and accessories you will need in your barber shop.

  • Barber chairs- A barber chair is designed for not only haircuts but beards and shaves as well. Barber chairs usually have a foot rest and recline for maximum comfort when tending to a clients beard
  • Spray bottle- Some haircuts and techniques require wet hair. Not all barber shops have sinks so it is important to always have a spray bottle available.
  • Duster Brushes- Or a neck duster is there to help you remove any loose hair or hair clippings that have stuck to your clients neck or face. Often we use talcum powder or baby powder to help dry out the hairs so the duster brush can remove it easier.
  • Haircutting Capes- A haircutting cape, or barber cape or is a must have for keeping your clients clothing from getting covered in hair.
  • Neck Strips- These are a must have for hair cutting. A fresh neck strip is used around every client's neck and then the barber cape is placed on top. This is important in making sure that the part of the cape that touches each client does not actually come in contact with their skin. It helps promote a clean and sanitized environment.
  • Blow dryer- Men want their hair styled as well, and a blow dryer will help with this.
  • Barber Apron- This one's for you ! The barber. Aprons are a great addition to your wardrobe as they protect your clothes from any stray hair clippings. 
  • Towel Warmer- A hot shave is a great service that many clients go to the barber shop for. Having a towel warmer helps to keep your towels warm and clients happy!
  • Ring light- this is not a necessity for every barber. If your barber shop has good lighting then there is no need. However with the rise of social media and taking good photos of our work a ring light helps to see blends better when cutting and helps us to get that perfect "after" photo.

These are all necessary tools....

to make sure you have it in your barber shop. There are all sorts of other accessories one can add to their barber shop to make their daily life easier. Now that you know all there is to know about your must have barber tools we know you are prepared for everyday behind the chair! 

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