What are the most comfortable hair scissors for you?

January 27, 2022

Scissors are to stylists what a scalpel is to a surgeon; both need to be wheeled with precision and agility. They both require the user to be comfortable and creative when using them. 

It is hard to believe that something as simple as a pair of hair scissors can have such an impact on your daily life - how they can turn you from being super stylish into being almost invisible. Unfortunately, nothing says stay away from me more than a terrible haircut.

With there being so many scissors out there and picking the most comfortable pair can be a challenge. It is especially more so for a beginner. Today, I will walk you through some points to consider in your search for the most comfortable scissors for you.

In the movie ‘Edward Scissorhands’, the ease and comfort at which Edward uses the scissors is what you should aspire to but, of course, without the crazy haircut and the manic stare….

Personal preference

The first step in choosing which scissors are the best for you will depend on your taste and the kind of look you want to achieve. It's sort of like picking the right outfit - it’s like saying, look at me, I’m all windswept and interesting or leave me alone I’m happy to stand in the corner like ‘billy no mates’. 

Do you want a pointed, jagged edge, or do you prefer a smooth finishing touch? Once you know the difference between standard scissors and professional hair cutting scissors, you can narrow down your search.


When it comes to buying hair cutting scissors, the first question you need to ask yourself is - how often do you plan on cutting hair, and what type of hair will you be cutting? If you are new to haircutting, you may want to try out a pair of disposable hair cutting scissors as these are great for people who want to get started trimming hair but don’t want to be spending money on a high-quality pair. However, if you are cutting thinning or thicker curly hair, then you probably want to go with a pair of professional scissors, as these offer you a lot of flexibility.

Material of blade

Did you know that scissors are not a “new” tool, in-fact they go back to Biblical times when God tells the prophet Ezekial to use his sword as a “barber’s razor” to trim his hair.

Top-quality scissors are made from the finest stainless steel or titanium. So to protect them, you may want to invest in a pair of hair cutting scissors covered with leather, a natural material, or ones that have specialised coatings that help resist scratches. 

Finding the right pair for you!

Finding the right pair of scissors is probably one of the most important things for a hairstylist. It is just like finding your soulmate - are they something you want to spend every day with, or is it case once is more than enough?. Ok, maybe let's not take it that far, But you get the idea.

Consider these three things when buying a comfortable pair of scissors: 

  • The blade, 
  • The handle and 
  • The thumb rest


Scissor blades were initially made of bronze and later ironToday, the most popular type is the stainless steel blade. Another option is a high-carbon steel blade. Both of these blades are strong and can last a long time if taken care of properly. 


Like the forgotten middle child, the scissor handle is an underestimated part of the barbering scissor. The handle is responsible for the feel, weight and balance of the scissors during use, and if it's not comfortable, it can be challenging to cut hair.

A scissor with a perfectly weighted handle will always cut better, feel smoother, and be easier to use. Always test out the scissors to see how comfortable they feel before you make a purchase.

Thumb rest

The scissor thumb rest is a small piece of metal or plastic that attaches to the side of the handle and allows you to push down on the scissor blades while cutting hair comfortably. This piece of equipment is not always required but can help reduce hand fatigue, increase efficiency during use, and improve accuracy when cutting hair.

A common problem barbers face is aching thumbs from too much cutting. Hard to believe, but it's true. The scissor thumb rest is a small accessory that can help alleviate this problem and ease the stress on your thumbs.

Rightie or Leftie

Are you a rightie or leftie? You could be both. That makes you ambidextrous. That is so cool! It's a big word that simply means you can use both hands equally well. However, if you're a leftie, these days, left-handed people can buy specialised scissors to fit their hands better and improve their cutting performance. 

There are two main types of scissors: those with a straight blade and those with an offset blade. The offset design is the one that is most suitable for left-handed people. Left-handed scissors are designed to offer more comfort and provide better control over the blade. 


The other factor in choosing the most comfortable hair scissors for you is the ease of use. It varies and greatly depends on how much hair you go through each day. If you are cutting a lot of hair, you may want to purchase a pair of comfortable hair cutting scissors that come with a large, extra-long handle. These handles will provide more control during your daily grooming routine and make it easier for you to cut hair.


Finally, the most comfortable hair scissors for you should have a style that matches your taste. If you find that one particular style does not work well for your hair, try finding a different pair. In the same manner, when looking for the "right" partner, keep searching until you get the one. 

Some people may not have the patience or the flexibility to try out several different types of hair cutting styles; however, as with many things in life, we have to call out the heavens to supply extra patience here. Nothing comes easy.

When it comes to scissors, comfort is the most important thing. If you cannot use your hair scissors for more than a couple of minutes without feeling discomfort, then they are not the best option for you. It's crucial to find a pair that fits your hand and is still comfortable even if you use them for long periods. When shopping for hair scissors, make sure to hold each pair and see how they feel in your hand. Then you can make a decision!

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