What is better - swivel or non-swivel hair shears?

September 04, 2023

Being a barber is no small feat, and the role of the barber has evolved a lot over the years. Before the 1800s, they also acted as surgeons! While we are here, something worth noting is the "Father of Modern Surgery," Ambroise Pare was a barber, too - see, stick with us, and you learn something new every day.

Okay, so now we’ve got that fun fact out of the way; let’s get back to our swivel vs non-swivel debate, which has been on for as long as there have been hair shears. It is essential to know the difference between the swivel and non-swivel shears. 

Non-swivels are better for sharp angles or fine detail work. On the other hand, swivel shears are best to cut long hair because they have fewer blades. 


We know comfort is everything! Swivel hair shears are a cut above the rest, and they offer many benefits, not the least of which is reducing hand fatigue. The design of the blades helps to avoid repetitive strain injuries. 

The forward-set thumb is protected against hand stress and prevents wrist and shoulder flexion. The swivel shear's swivel thumb prevents wrist strain, and its design and blade make it ideal for professional use.


Flexibility is essential when cutting hair, and swivel shears provide a greater level of flexibility. They can be used in five different positions, giving you more control over your cuts. Swivel shears are ideal for precision cutting because you can hold them at any angle. A swivel-thumb scissor is perfect for people with poor hand movements and those who don't have a strong, steady grip.

The swivel-thumb shears are an excellent choice for those with carpal tunnel syndrome. This design allows the user to work more comfortably with their fingers and thumb. However, they are not the most expensive option.  


The swivel shear is ideal for initial shaping and final cutting. The non-swivel shear is perfect for trimming hair, and it is also more comfortable for the user. Whether you prefer swivel scissors or non-swivel, they are both suitable for a wide range of tasks. It would be best if you also kept in mind the functionality of the shears, which will, in turn, ease maintenance.


Swivel hair shears 

The swivel shear is excellent for cutting thick hair and helps prevent strain on the hand, and it's also more comfortable for long-term use.

Aside from being more comfortable, swivel shears also reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries. A right or left-handed hairdresser can benefit from a set of swivel shears for comfort. Some people find that non-swivel shears have a better grip, crucial for proper cutting.  

Perfect choice

You must be curious which one you should go for; professional hairdressers -aka PHD's and stylists- choose double-swivel hair shears. It is because they allow easy maneuvering of their hands comfortably. 

And, as a bonus, they will allow the stylist to cut thicker hair in a more precise manner. You'll have an easier time managing the swivel shears because they are less unstable. The ergonomics of swivel shears constitute a significant plus. They allow for up to 40% more freedom of movement. 

The blades also have less stress, so swivel shears are more comfortable and will last longer. They are also easier to maneuver in tight spaces. But they're also heavier. Therefore, the right shears are better for those who need to cut hair on the go. 


Swivel shears are more convenient for cutting thick hair. These shears have adjustable screws to adjust the tension of the blade. Swivel shears have many advantages. They allow a stylist to chop and style with precision without causing pain. They give the stylist more control while cutting hair and are easier to control. 

They also enable you to create different angles with ease. A swivel shear allows you to make sharp angles with a steady hand without cutting corners, and they are more convenient to use than non-swivel ones.


Hair shears are a necessary tool for every stylist. When choosing between the swivel and non-swivel hair shears, you should consider your personal preferences. Non-swivel hair

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