What Is The Most Expensive Part Of A Hair Scissor

May 08, 2023

By now you have noticed you can buy hair cutting scissors for any price range. Even here at scissor tech we have options from $150 to over $500. So why is it that hair cutting scissors are so expensive ? What goes into making professional shears that costs so much ? Let's start with the materials!


We are sure that on your hairdressing scissors journey you have heard japanese stainless steel mentioned many times. All professional hair cutting shears are made from steel, however steel can come in a variety of quality, hardness and price! 

Your expensive hair shears are made from high quality materials. The most high quality steel comes out of Japan. Japanese steel is known for its strength and hardness. Hard steel means that your hair cutting scissors will keep their sharp edge longer, and guarantee great cuts every time. Quality hair cutting shears are made from at least 440C Japanese steel. 440C Steel is the most affordable, quality steel to make professional scissors from. 

OurMatsui Precision Range is made from quality Hitachi 440C Japanese steel. These scissors are a mix of great steel and high quality craftsmanship to give you a beautiful pair of scissors. 

If you're looking for a pair of more expensive hairdressing scissors that are made from the highest quality steel and will have the sharpest edge you will want to find a pair made from the best VG10 Steel. VG10 is the hardest, strongest and most expensive steel to come out of Japan. This steel will hold a sharper edge and guarantee you're giving the best hair cuts every time! This very hard quality steel makes some of the most expensive hairdressing scissors out there.

We recommend having a look at ourMatsui VG10 Scissors. These scissors will outperform other hairdressing scissors everyday and we guarantee if you spend extra money they won't disappoint. 

You may have also heard of German Steel and their hair cutting shears. German steel is known for its quality and affordability. German hair scissors are known from their quality and style. 

If you're looking for a pair of cheap hair shears you can find them cheaper, and made with cheaper steel. Often you will find cheap steel out of India or Pakistan. This steel will be soft and dull quickly. Hairdressing scissors made from cheaper steel are often used as throw away scissors, meaning use them for a few months and then just buy a new pair. If you're just starting out in the industry this may seem like your best option.

However we recommend checking out ourSOZU Range. Our Sozu range is made from Chinese Steel. Which means the stainless steel is not as hard as your other hair scissors but is perfect for the aspiring hairdresser who isn't quite ready to spend what professional shears cost. 

Scissor blades

High end scissors also have different blades, or edges that contribute to their high price tag. You may find that your expensive shears that are made from Japanese steel will have a convex edge. This edge is found on more expensive scissors because you need the best steel to be strong enough to hold this super fine edge. These super sharp blades are designed from slide cutting, point cutting and other advanced cutting techniques. They are not designed for blunt cutting as the fine edge can wear quickly. Japanese scissors are known for their convex edges.

If you're purchasing a more affordable pair of hair scissors you may come across a semi convex edge. This edge is still very sharp but is more versatile and can be sharpened in to a more affordable steel, like 440C.

You may also come across the beveled edge German blades tend to have this edge. It is a strong and robust edge. It is best for blunt cutting and barber shears as well. Since it is not as fine and sharp as a convex edge it helps to hold the hair in place as you cut.

Here at Scissor tech

We are here to provide you with quality scissors at affordable prices. We have different ranges of steel and blades to help you keep your costs down, but your haircuts at their best! 

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