What Is Used To Keep Hair Shears Clean

February 27, 2023

Shear maintenance is a must when dealing with our hair cutting scissors. Proper cleaning and care can help extend their life, and make ours easier! We recommend reading on to learn more about how to take best care of your hair cutting shears.

Every pair of hair cutting scissors purchased here at Scissor Tech includes a scissor maintenance kit. So not only do we teach you how to care for your scissors but also make sure you have all the right supplies to keep them in tip top shape.


You need to remember to properly clean your hair cutting scissors between every client. Using the soft cloth provided carefully, wipe your scissor blades after every haircut. This will help remove any hair, dirt or product build up. Moisture left on your blades can lead to rust so by wiping the blades with a clean cloth and removing wet hair and water you are preventing rust and corrosion on your hair cutting scissors. If hair products are left to sit on your blades it may turn into a sticky residue which will dull your blade edges quickly and make cutting hair difficult. Dull scissor blades can contribute to an unsatisfactory cut and will tend to push, pull or bend hair.

Some people recommend using rubbing alcohol to wipe and clean your blades. Just remember that using any chemicals on your cutting tools can lead to corrosion or rust.


At least once a day, at the end of the day, you must use hair shear oil to lubricate your shears. Using the oil pen provided, place a small amount of oil at the pivot point of your shears, where the two blades meet. Gently open and close your shears to help move the oil around and loosen any tiny pieces of hair that may be stuck. Use your cleaning cloth to wipe any excess oil from the blades. 


The right tension is important to help maintain a sharp edge on your blades. If your tension is too tight it can cause damage to your edges over time and lead to hand fatigue and other problems. If your tension is too loose it can cause hair to bend and fold as you are cutting. This is annoying for you and uncomfortable for your client.

We recommend checking the tension of your haircutting scissors at least once a day, or whenever they may feel off. To check the tension, hold your scissors by the handle with blades pointing up. Lift the thumb hole above 90 degrees and let it drop. If it falls below 20 degrees or completely closes your scissors are too loose. If it stays open to 45 degrees or higher your blades are too tight.

You will find a tension key or adjuster in your kit. Use this to tighten or loosen your scissors accordingly. Always adjust the blades slowly so as to not over tighten or loosen them. 

Other Tips and tricks 

There are a few other tips and tricks we recommend to help keep your shears safe, clean and in their best shape.

Properly store your haircutting scissors away. Your scissors arrive in a soft protective case. This case not only prevents them from any bumps when they are in transit to you, but is also for you to store your scissors. Storing your haircutting shears safely away will help prevent any drops or accidents that may occur. Dropping your shears can cause damage to your blades, sometimes irreparable damage. 

You may want to consider purchasing a scissor mat or holster. While storing your scissors safely away will help prevent accidents so will a scissor mat or holster. Too often during a busy day our tools are easily forgotten. Placing your scissors on a hard station can lead to damage of the cutting edge and misalignment of blades. A scissor mat provides a rubber barrier. Its raised surface protects scissor blades from any water or chemicals. A scissor holster is worn on your hip or across your body. It ensures your haircutting shears are kept safely on your body.

Always have a professional sharpening service sharpen your shears. If your shears show any signs of needing a sharpen, and you have been diligent with your cleaning, oiling and tensioning it is best to call a sharpener who you trust. With regular cleaning and extra care your haircutting shears should stay sharp for a very long time.

We know it may seem like a long process....

but we promise it's worth it. Nothing compares to the feeling of sharp scissors cutting hair ! We hope with the knowledge you now have of caring and cleaning your scissors that they will keep you happy for many more years to come! 

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