What Size Scissors Should I Buy

March 28, 2023

Finding the perfect pair of professional hairdressing scissors for yourself is no easy feat! There are alot of things to consider when choosing scissors, which is why we are here! Gone are the days of only two different sized hairdressing scissors to choose from. Today it is all about the many cutting techniques you use, and which size hair scissor is best for your cutting style. So let's talk size!

Your Everyday scissor

When you are first introduced to the world of hairdressing you will most likely receive a pair of scissors that are 5.5 Inches. This length is perfect for student hairdressers as it is an average size, comfortable in most hands and can achieve most basic haircutting techniques. These shears are used for blunt cutting, point cutting and even slice cutting if they are sharp enough.

We recommend trying out ourMatsui Precision Range. These hair cutting scissors are the perfect all rounder. Their super sharp edge guarantees sharp, precise lines every time.

Your must have for blunt cutting

Once you have moved on from the basic stuff and are learning advanced hair cutting techniques it may be time to consider different size hair scissors.

If you specialise in crisp, perfect bobs or lobs it is time to invest in some longer scissors. Long hair scissors give you more control and power when cutting perfectly straight lines. The longer the scissor blade the less times you have to open and close the blade, resulting in straighter, more even lines. Having longer blades also gives you more control when cutting against the skin, as you would if you were cutting a short bob.

It is also important to consider the edge that is on your scissor blade. If you are using a longer scissor for blunt cutting you should consider that it has a beveled edge blade or a semi- convex edge blade. The beveled edge is a better edge for gripping hair and will make it easier to achieve a very straight line.

If you're a bob master, or want to have the best scissor over comb technique we recommend having a look at ourMatsui 7 Inch VG10 Matte Black Master Barber. With the best quality VG10 Steel these longer scissors will give you the straightest blunt lines.

Barber scissors

Barber scissors range in size from 6 Inches to 8 Inches. They are known for being longer scissors. Barbers use their scissors mostly for scissor over comb. This technique involves using a comb to lift hair straight from the head and then cut. Long blades are great for this technique as you can cut through larger sections, resulting in a speedier more precise cut. Most barber shears will have a beveled edge with a serrated blade. Micro serrated scissors have a blade with tiny little serrations on it. These scissors are great for gripping the hair and ensuring that the hair does not slide off the sharp blade. 

If you're looking for the best pair of scissors for barbering techniques we recommend theMatsui Rose Gold Samurai 7 Inch Scissor. These barber shears are perfect for scissor over comb and different texturising techniques.

Short haircuts

If you are perfecting your pixie hair cutting technique or even just working on your mens haircuts you should pick up a pair of short scissors. Smaller sized scissors include sizes 4.5 Inches and 5 Inches. Shorter blades are harder to come by as their popularity is only beginning to rise. These hair cutting scissors are great for adding small detail work to shorter hair. They are also a good tool to have when point cutting. This scissor length wont work best for deep point cutting style however, for if you regularly point cut, you can guarantee your knuckles will be safe.

TheYasaka Offset Handle comes in a 5 Inch blade. This length is perfect for all your detail work.

Thinning scissors and texturising scissors

These two hairdressing scissors are a must have for any stylist. They usually only come in 6 inch, with not much variety in length. This is the best length for these hairdressing shears. Thinning shears are great for many hairdressing techniques like removing weight, texturising and even blending. Your texturizing shears are a must have for thick hair. They remove larger chunks of weight and create an amazing chunky texture. 

You can have a look at our wide variety of thinning scissors and texturising scissorsHERE.

Slide Cutting 

If you are cutting alot of extensions or slide cutting hair you may want to consider adding a slide cutting scissor. These must have hairdressing scissors come in size 5.5 and 6 Inch. They have sharp Convex edge blades that guarantee to slice like butter! When choosing a size this is all about how comfortable you feel with them. You want to be in control at all times when slide cutting. You want to make sure that they feel light in your hand, as if they are too heavy it may effect how they feel when sliding through the hair.

Our Matsui VG10 Slide Cutting Silver Scissor can be foundHERE. This hair cutting scissor is made from the highest quality japanese steel and guaranteed smooth hair sliding during every cut.

So what's the best size for you?

Whichever scissor is most comfortable in your hand and feels the best when youre cutting is always going to be your first choice. You can't go wrong with any of our Professional shears, that are guaranteed comfortable, great quality and great price. For the hairdresser wanting to have multiple sized hairdressing scissors in their kit we recommend looking at our Scissor SetsHERE. These sets come with multiple hairdressing scissors for all your hair cutting needs!

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