Why Are Hair Scissors Expensive

March 20, 2023

If you have had a look around you may have noticed that professional hair cutting shears are never very cheap. Or maybe you have noticed that cheap hair scissors have become more and more readily available, but you're hesitant to buy them. Why are quality hair cutting shears so expensive? Let's find out.


Hair cutting scissors are made from steel. Most expensive hairdressing scissors are made from Japanese steel. Japan is known for its hard and strong high quality steel. Japan is a world leader in steel, and these hair shears will last you for ages! Unfortunately cheap hair shears are made from inferior quality materials. They won't hold a sharper edge for long, they dull quickly and rust easily. For hair cutting scissors that will last and hold a very sharp edge, you need the best quality japanese stainless steel hair shears. Of course high quality materials means you will spend extra money on your hairdressing scissors.

There are different levels of Japanese stainless steel. They are rated on the Rockwell Hardness Scale. 

  • 440C - This is considered good quality steel. Many professional shears are made from this steel. It is strong and reasonably priced.
  • VG10- is the gold standard of steel. This very hard steel creates some of the best hair cutting shears on the market. This also means that it makes for some expensive hair shears. A scissor made from VG10 Steel will hold a razor sharp edge for a long time.
  • Hitachi ATS 314- Similar to VG10 this steel is the toughest around ! It makes for an expensive pair of scissors but also a very smooth cutting, quality scissor.

There are other options for quality steel as well. German steel has become more popular over the years. This European steel is strong and tough, while still being reasonably priced. German haircutting shears are tough and hard working. This means that they will last for quite some time. They are known for high quality craftsmanship and style. So while they may not be the most expensive shears on the market, they do make a good pair of scissors!

Different Blades and Edges

The different edges that you will find on your hair cutting scissor blades also contribute to how high the price tag is. Some sharp edges are harder to perfect and need a certain quality steel to keep them sharp.

The sharpest and most expensive edge is the convex edge. This edge is sharpened to a super fine point. Hair cutting scissors with this razor sharp edge are a must have for slide cutting and slice cutting. The sharp blade slices the hair to a fine point with ease. This means maximum comfort for your client. A convex edge blade will not pull hair when it slides through. However it is not recommended that you use this edge for blunt cutting, as it can damage the edge. Because this edge is such a fine point it involves a lot harder steel to be able to hold the edge. Softer, low quality steels will dull very quickly, or end up damaged with this edge.

The beveled edge is a much less sensitive edge. Therefore it will be found on a variety of hair cutting scissors. This edge can be sharp, however is less of a fine point. This makes the beveled edge perfect for blunt cutting hair. Since it is not as super sharp as the convex blade, the hair will stay in place on the blade better while you are cutting. It is also a popular blade on barber shears. This edge is great for scissor over comb as it is tough and makes grabbing sections easier. German blades tend to be known for their beveled edge as it is a work horse and a great all rounder. 

A middle ground between the beveled and convex edge is the semi convex edge. This edge will be found on good quality professional shears. A hair stylist will love its versatility. It can be used for cutting all hair types and makes for a quality pair of scissors. 

The best scissors....

are made from the best materials. Here at Scissor tech we always try to find the balance between the highest quality scissors, and the best possible price. Professional hairdressers will love our variety of scissors for all different price ranges. If you need help choosing your next pair of quality hair cutting scissors, let us help ! Our customer service team is always here to help. 

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