Why Are Hair Scissors Used Instead Of Normal Scissors

May 01, 2023

Have you ever been asked why your hair cutting shears are so expensive? Or why can't you cut hair with regular scissors? To the untrained eye it may seem like hairdressers spend a lot of money on their hair cutting scissors, but to us they are our trusted bestie. So what makes our hair cutting scissors so amazing? You have come to the right place to learn all about scissors!

Sharp Blades

If you were to attempt to cut hair with kitchen scissors or craft scissors you may find that not only is it extremely awkward, but they can do some serious damage to the hair, hello split ends! Hair cutting scissors are very sharp scissors, designed to cut hair with ease and precision. You won't find that there are different blade options when you buy a pair of fabric scissors or kitchen scissors! 

Hair cutting scissors have two blades that can come with different blade edges sharpened into them. The first is the convex edge. These blades are extremely sharp, and are often found on the highest quality of professional scissors out there. These sharp blades come to a super fine point which is great for different advanced cutting techniques such as slide cutting. This cutting edge is also very sensitive and needs to be used correctly.

The most common edge you will find on your hair cutting shears is the semi convex edge. Blades that have semi convex edges are sharp and strong. They are a great all rounder and can be used for blunt cutting hair as well as for texturising it.

The bevelled edge is also quite common, especially on barber scissors. It makes for a heartier blade that is perfect for cutting great blunt cuts! The sharp but sturdy blade is designed to help keep hair on the blade better making it easier to achieve those blunt lines!

The Best Steel

You will also notice that any day regular scissors don't really have the option for you to choose what steel they are made of. However our hairdressing scissors are made with the best steel out there, and you can find a variety of steel to meet your hair cutting needs!

Japan is known for making the most high quality steel around. Which is why some of the best hair scissors available are made from japanese steel. Japanese steel is the strongest and hardest steel around. You can find hairdressing scissors made in different levels of Japanese steel. Starting with 440C steel, being a hard steel that is most affordable. Then ending with VG10 Steel, the strongest there is. No matter which Japanese steel or price range you choose, you'll get a quality scissor that will give you a smooth cut and stay sharp for a long time.

Germany has also made a name for itself in the scissor steel world. With hard and anti corrosive steel, scissors from Germany are not only built to last but add in some European design and you've got a pretty cool pair of scissors. German steel has less of a variety as Japanese steel, but their steel is still very strong and tough.

Of course if you're looking for a cheaper pair of hair scissors there are other steel options available. However, cheap steel tends to be softer and more susceptible to damage. Soft steel leads to dull scissors. Dull scissors lead to sub par haircuts and hair cutting experiences. Cutting hair with blunt scissors can create split ends and damaged hair. This is why hairdressing scissors need sharp blades!

Comfortable handles

You certainly won't find many kitchen shears with an ergonomic handle! Ergonomic scissors are designed with the hairdresser in mind. An ergonomic scissor handle is specifically designed to help protect your wrist and hands and keep them pain free. Hand and wrist pain is a common complaint amongst hairdressers so having a handle designed to help with that is a must!

The offset handle is probably your most common handle. The finger holes are meant for your thumb and ring finger. The thumb hole is set forward more to keep it closest to its most natural position. 

The crane handle was designed to keep your hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder in their safest positions. The dropped handle with a straight blade helps to bring your elbow down to your side, preventing pain and strain injuries to your hands and arm. 

Then of course there is the swivel scissor ! You won't find this ergonomic handle on just any pair of regular shears! These shears have a thumb ring that turns 180 degrees to always ensure your hands and wrists are in their best and most comfortable position.

Different Lengths

Hair scissors come in a large variety of lengths- normally from 4.5 inches to 8 Inches, which you won't find options like this for regular scissors. Hair scissors need to come in many different lengths, not just for extra comfort but also they each serve a different purpose!

Haircutting scissors can have longer blades, from 6-8 inches, that are commonly known as barber shears. These longer blades are great for scissor over comb and other blunt cutting techniques. You can also find shorter blades that range in sizes 4.5 inches to 5.5 inches. A shorter blade is perfect for small details and easy maneuvering that you may need when cutting hair.

Ok so they aren't just regular scissors!

Hopefully by now you have a better understanding of why you can just use any old pair of kitchen or craft scissors to cut hair! And a well known fact... we don't recommend you use your hair shears to cut anything but hair either ! Cutting things like paper and fabric with your very expensive hair scissors can damage them and lead to dull scissors!

Still want to know more? We love a good scissor chat! Reach out to our friend customer service for any and all your scissor needs!

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