Why Do You Need A Pair Of Slider Scissors

April 17, 2023

Are you looking for a new pair of scissors to add to your daily life? If you are a busy hairstylist you may want to consider a pair of slide cutting scissors or as we like to call them, sliders. Want to learn more? We have you covered!

What is slide cutting?

Before we can decide if this is the right pair of scissors for you, we need to know exactly what we are using them for. Slide cutting or slice cutting are cutting techniques that involve. sliding your scissors along the hair shaft while opening and closing them ever so slightly. This method is used to thin hair or blend layers seamlessly. It can also be used to remove length when creating angles, like face framing layers. 

Slide cutting can be done on wet or dry hair depending on what you are using it for. Slide cutting on dry hair is perfect for blending or softening any heavy layers. To achieve this look simply slide down the hair shaft. With the right pair of scissors you won't need to worry much about opening and closing your scissors, sliders are sharp enough to do it all for you ! Dry cutting can be done on fine hair as well, so it is a great alternative to thinning scissors. You can also slice cut to create texture, remove weight and get rid of hard, blunt lines. This technique can be done by lifting a section of hair, and sliding outwards from the interior of the layers. 

If you are wanting to actually remove length or great face framing layers with your scissors, this is best done on wet hair. This technique may require a little more weight behind it when you are cutting. 

Many stylists use slide cutting techniques for cutting hair extensions. Slide cutting is the best method to create beautiful blended extensions and remove weight without removing any length. 

What are slide cutting scissors?

So you may be wondering why you need a new pair of hair cutting scissors when you have been using your regular hairdressing scissors all along. While your regular hair scissors may seem to be doing the job, there is definitely a reason why we recommend slide cutting scissors. 

The most important part of slide cutting hair shears is the blade design. Slide cutting shears are made with a convex edge, sometimes known as the clam shell edge. The curved blade goes from a wider blade to a very sharp, fine edge. This cutting blade helps to push the hair into a razor sharp point. 

The convex edge is also known for being the sharpest of all shear blades. This is a must have when slide cutting hair. Because this cutting technique involves sliding through the hair it is important that the hair does not get pulled or snagged in any way. Regular scissors or lower quality shears that do not have a convex edge may not actually be sharp enough for slide cutting. It can pull on the hair or worse, destroy the cuticle of the hair. 

OurMatsui VG10 Slide Cutting Scissors are made from VG10 Steel, the best and sharpest Japanese Steel around. A proper slide cutting scissor will only be made from the best steel. A high quality steel is needed to achieve and maintain a super sharp edge. Our VG10 Slider haircutting scissors also feature an offset handle for maximum comfort while cutting. 

Slide cutting scissors are also great for other texturising techniques. You can use them for point cutting or feathering. The super fine, sharp blades are perfect to fine tune any haircut. It is not recommended to use these hair cutting shears when cutting blunt lines. Due to their convex edge you will struggle to get the perfect cut. Blunt cutting can also be damaging to the sharp edge, because it is so fine it is more sensitive. 

Not all scissors are created equal...

We hope we have given you some big insight into slide cutting shears and why you need a pair. While you can use your everyday scissors to slide cut, are you taking a chance with your clients hair? Do you know your different scissor edges and blades well enough to know that you are using the right one? Using a pair of slide cutting scissors will help guarantee your clients not only look their best, but feel their best after a haircut with you! We think that's a smart investment, don't you? If you have more questions about how a slide cutting scissor, or sliders, can change your life, reach out to our friendly and talented customer service. They are guaranteed to have all the answers for you !

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