Why You Should Only Purchase Hair Scissors From A Reputable Distributor

March 14, 2023

A quick google search will show just how many options there are out there for purchasing hair cutting scissors. However things are not always as they seem. When investing money into a pair of scissors it is important to know where they are coming from, after all they are not cheap! Let's talk about hair cutting tools, professional shears and the best place to buy them.

Blades of Steel

Now you've done your scissor search on google and come across $30 hair cutting scissors from Amazon, you may think " Wow! What a deal". Here is why you may want to reconsider.

When buying hairdressing scissors from a reputable distributor you can almost guarantee you will be getting scissors made from quality steel. Steel used in scissors can range in quality and price from $50 to thousands of dollars. Cheap steel is made in places like India or Pakistan. This steel is soft and may not only be able to hold a sharp edge for long, but can also cause damage to a clients hair. Blunt or dull scissors can pull hair, causing split ends. This is why we recommend using a reputable scissor distributor who not only will use quality steel but also be able to educate you on the different steel available to you.

The two main types of steel you will find are Japanese and German. Both make high quality scissors and you can't choose wrong. To guarantee you're getting the perfect pair of scissors a proper distributor will make sure you know where the steel in your scissors is from.

There are different types of edges that you will find on the blades of hair cutting scissors. Knowing the edge you need for your favourite cutting technique is important when deciding on the best choice hairdressing scissors for you.

The convex edge blade is found on high quality scissors from Japan. This super sharp scissor blade will ensure smooth cutting, especially when slide cutting. Slide cutting is a cutting technique that involves sliding the scissor blade through the hair, if done with the wrong blade it can be uncomfortable for a client, and damage their hair. This sharp and razor thin edge can only be achieved on high quality steel. Low quality steel will not hold its sharp edge.

The bevel edge is the most basic of edges. It can be done on all different types of steel. It is actually very common on German scissors and is what they are known for. This edge is not as fine as the one found on a convex blade. This means it is more durable and can be sharpened into any steel. This edge is great for blunt cutting as it helps to hold the hair on the blade as you are cutting. It is not to be used when slide cutting as it will pull the hair.

The semi convex edge blade is a great meeting point between the convex and beveled edge. It can be used for many different cutting techniques. Semi convex blades should also be on a good quality steel to ensure that the edge stays sharper longer.

Your Scissor Handles

Scissor handles are definitely not one size fits all. A basic scissor handle that you may find on a random scissor on Amazon will not be taking your hand and wrist health into consideration. Scissor ergonomics is so important when ensuring you have a long, happy and pain free career.

The classic scissor handle is rarely available these days as it has been proven to cause repetitive strain injuries to your wrists and hands. The classic scissor handle had your middle finger placed directly above your thumb. This moves your thumb back from its natural position which is very unhealthy for your wrists.

The offset handle is the first step in scissor ergonomics. It has the two finger inserts being your thumb and index finger. This places your thumb closer to its natural position, reducing strain.

If you're needing a more ergonomic hairdressing scissor you may consider the crane handle. This handle is dropped down with a straight blade which helps to bring your wrist, elbow and shoulder down next to your body. This helps to remove strain from these parts and prevent injury.

If you are really wanting to have the best scissor for protecting your hands and wrists, you will want to look for a swivel handle. This handle has a thumb ring that swivels 180 degrees. This means your thumb and hand are always in their best and safest position. It is important to understand scissor handles and their effect on your body.

And the number one reason....

well that's easy ! Personal care. When you buy from a reputable distributor you are guaranteed a more tailored and friendly customer experience. Here at scissor tech every pair of scissors you buy comes with lots of little extras to help keep your hair cutting scissors in their best shape. Your scissors will come delivered to you in a soft protective case to guarantee they arrive safe and sound and that you always have a safe spot to store them.

We also believe in helping you find the best hair cutting shears for you. You can contact our customer service with any questions you may have. We also have a 7 day return. That means if your hair cutting shears arrive and they are not the correct scissors for you, we will gladly take them back !

So really between guaranteeing good service and quality products why would you buy from just any old place! We always want to help you find the right pair for the best cuts !

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