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LEFTY Matsui Black Magic Triple Combo

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This Lefty Matsui Black Magic Triple Combo is great for the left-handed hairdresser who is looking to up their game with some great new scissors custom made to make your job easier. Designed for left-handed hairdressers, Lefty scissors provide swift cutting movements and a highly comfortable grip.

The Set

The Lefty Matsui Black Magic Triple Combo includes a Matsui Lefty Matte black 5.5" cutting scissor for your slicing/ladies cuts and a 6.0" cutting scissor for your barbering/blunt cuts along with a Lefty 6" Matsui Matte Black thinning scissor.

These scissors are absolute stunners, and the quality is obvious from the moment you pick them up. The Matte finish feels soft and beautiful and they are perfectly balanced by our blade smith here in Scissor Tech NZ.

Quality and Performance Guaranteed

The Matsui Matte Black combo comes with a lifetime warranty, high quality storage case, scissor oil and scissor tension adjuster. Each pair of scissors in the set carries unparalleled quality, giving you excellent performance and comfort throughout its lifetime. Get in touch with Scissor Tech NZ for more information about other sets or for our complete collection of hairdressing scissors.

At Scissor Tech NZ, the goal is to help clients elevate their game with scissors that add value to their trade and simply make things easier. And don't forget: we offer Free expresses shipping on all our products!